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Catholic Incense, Rituals, and Using Incense In Your Own Home!

In the past, incense was widely used for rituals and ceremonies all around the globe. Almost all cultures used it mainly for their religious worship or even for sacrifices. It was used by the Buddhists temples in Asia, like in the countries of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. It's also been very widely used in Catholic churches during prayer. It was used to make a very purified and focused space specifically for rituals and even offerings. Incense was also actually used to make offerings. The smoke was actually used sometimes as an additional offering to the gods. The different scents like Frankincense or Myrrh were used to put the worshipers in very calm and focused states of mind.

So using the different scents in your own home can be an excellent idea! You can use it to make the atmosphere very pleasant or do a 360 and have a scent that makes it seem like even the air slowed and calmed down. You can also use it to mask any odors you might have around the home, like any musky or old smells that go throughout the entire place after you just cleaned out an old area. Or even from other plants, from the outside that could have strong smells that permeate everything if you open the windows even for just a few minutes. There can be a lot of freedom in burning incense. You can even subtly influence your guests' moods too!

Incense can also be really useful for meditation. The more subtle scents like floral ones, can be awesome for helping to to relax, by helping you to reach a deeper state of mind. Or you can even burn some during a yoga session, to help you feel more energetic! There are so many ways to use incense in your home. Whether it's for the whole family, guests, or even just for you, there can be endless options to pick from for whatever mood or vibe you're trying to make flourish.

Or you can be way more picky and selective. If you do your research, you'll see that incense has been used in therapy. Certain scents can really help to calm down the mind and even help people with anxiety and insomnia issues. It was ancient wisdom  that made cultures around the world burn incense for hundreds of years. And it's modern wisdom that made the traditions carry on today, still all around the world! And with so many options available form stores and especially online shops, it's irresistible to try at least some scents. Because there's something for everyone to like. So go try it out for yourself if you haven't already, to see what you've been missing!

The number one reason why incense can be awesome is because of how quickly the body recognizes smells in the brain. Incense can influence your mood because the sweet, floral and fruity sense can actually help your brain release endorphins to calm and soothe you. This is why incense has been said to help with anxiety and insomnia. It can have a huge effect on the brain and your state of mind. Just by burning a few sticks, cones, oils, etc.!


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