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Natural Incense Smells: Herbs and Flowers!

Natural incense can come in almost any scent you could want, but these are the top 10 best ones to me. They are natural incense that actually smell like, or even better than the herbs and flowers they represent.

1. Cinnamon. It smells awesome and it's one of the most popular natural incense scents! It's a really good combination of both spicy and woody scents that can be really relaxing when combined together. Cinnamon incense is also good for reducing stress especially in the home since it can be so calming. On the flipside, it's a really smoky and potent scent that you'll want to experience over and over again.

         2. Rose. It's an amazingly beautiful incense scent. Whenever you smell it, it's like you're smelling actual roses! Except it can be even more potent. Extremely calming and uplifting, it's a wonderful natural scent to try. It can help you to relax enough to stabilize any emotional turbulence you might have also.

     3.  Lavender. It's an excellent incense scent for relaxation and the smell is unmistakable for anything else. It's a unique natural herb that will calm you like nothing else, and is a great scent for candles. It's been said it's really good for using to try and stop insomnia! So maybe burn some of this incense right before bedtime!

       4. Citrus. If you're looking to feel more energized, then pick a type of citrus or fruit based incense! It's great for picking up your mood, instead of making you feel sleepy and tired like how other natural incenses can.

   5. Jasmine. Is also supposed to be really good for picking up your mood and bringing up your energy levels. It's a very popular incense scent, and smells amazing and fresh.

       6. Rosemary. Rosemary incense is supposed to help you strengthen your memory. So give it a try when you need a natural way to help focus.

        7. Ylang-Ylang. This one can be traced back to SE Asia. It's a really exotic and floral incense scent that comes from the Ylang-Ylang flower blossoms. This is a really good incense scent if you're looking to fix a bad mood, because it helps to stimulate endorphins in the brain.

     8. Worth. It's a less commonly known incense scent, just like food incense scents but it's similar to cinnamon incense since it also has a really earthy, woody smell. It can be awesome to try out.

          9.  Apple. This is an awesome fruity incense scent and great for people who love fun and fruity smells. The fresh scent of apples is just fantastic. This is an incense hat you would want to use right at the beginning of summer, when it's still a little cool out.

        10. Clove. Another sweet and spicy fragrance that's a staple for incense burning. Try it today to see why! It's also supposed to help with depressed feelings and fatigue...the wonderful thing about natural incense is that they can bring really comforting and familiar smells into your home so easily.

I love how versatile incense can be. But the natural incense scents can be classic and wonderful too.I hope this list helped you choose a scent!

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