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How To Burn Incense Sticks and Use Them Properly: A Thorough Guide

wikiHow to Burn Incense Sticks:

Consider purchasing a cored incense stick. These incense sticks consist of a thin, wooden stick (usually bamboo) that is covered with incense material; only the bottom inch or so is left uncovered. The incense material can be smooth and fine, or it can be grainy and coarse. The aroma, which is usually strong, includes both the scent of the incense and the scent of the burning wooden core.

Consider purchasing a solid incense stick. These incense sticks are made from pure incense material and have no core inside. They have a lighter aroma, making them perfect for small spaces, such as bedrooms and offices. Because they have no core, their smell is simpler with no underlying notes of burning wood.

You can also have SO many scents to choose from, when you buy incense sticks.

These scents are just amazing. Here are two scents from the list:

Rose. It's an amazingly beautiful incense scent. Whenever you smell it, it's like you're smelling actual roses! Except it can be even more potent. Extremely calming and uplifting, it's a wonderful natural scent to try. It can help you to relax enough to stabilize any emotional turbulence you might have also.

      Lavender. It's an excellent incense scent for relaxation and the smell is unmistakable for anything else. It's a unique natural herb that will calm you like nothing else, and is a great scent for candles. It's been said it's really good for using to try and stop insomnia! So maybe burn some of this incense right before bedtime!

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